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Frases Sertanejas para Facebook

Confira agora algumas frases Sertanejas que selecionamos para você colocar no Msn, Orkut, Twitter, Facebook ou enviar para quem você quiser.

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  1. Shun 29 de Abril de 2012

    I have worked as a sicaol worker since 1980 in both state and nonprofit organizations. I visited crowded state institutions, small group homes, and worked with individuals to insure that the best possible care was provided. We even started a small group home in 1987. My Mother is in a nursing home, and one of my friends is a cook there and she uses sign language. Of course, I only experienced signing in English. I think what you are doing to bring sign language to a larger world is fantastic. I pray that you will have great success, and benefit many individuals. (Have you all seen the short 1992 film: Beethoven Lives Upstairs? It is one of my favorite films.) Maybe others have mentioned this film, but you can have access to it on Utube, and elsewhere. I have tried to include it here, but my dyslexia and net skills may cause problems, but please check the film out.Beethoven lives upstairs (5)

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